Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hi all, I'm really regretting changing my URL now but it really is something that needed to be done so I mustn't give up and change it back!

If you follow via Bloglovin' it may be worth un-following and re-following, the button on the right hand side will take you to the new URL. I have requested that they switch it over but I'm not sure if it will work or not, so far it hasn't!

Hello Cotton followers should work fine, that seems to have worked fine - I think. If you notice any problems though please do let me know.

As for GFC my posts don't appear to be coming up in the dashboard at the moment, I'm not sure if its just due to the fact that the change over is taking a little time to update (fingers crossed) or if there is a problem. Once again though, if people could un-follow and re-follow that will be great!

You can find the new blog and the various following options here I am so, so sorry for this confusion and really do hope that you bear with me.



I've Moved!

Hi guys, I've been considering changing my URL for quite some time now. I have finally decided to bite the bullet! I'm hoping that everything will be automatically re-directed to the new URL and no one will end up here, but, if you do end up here can you please un-follow this blog and re-follow which is my new URL.

Sorry for any confusion and I hope I don't loose you!

See you on the other side